October 5, 2022

St. Asaph Pledge 2024

Together we sing a new song!

Thank you for your pledge of support for St Asaph’s this year! Our community has stayed strong, despite Covid worries. We live in abundance and share out of love. This abundance has been reflected in your pledges.

It’s time to make your 2024 pledges to support St. Asaph’s.  At this time, we ask you to make only your pledge. Information about setting up payments online, if you are interested, will come at the end of the calendar year.

Be aware: if you setup a recurring credit card plan for 2023, don’t expect your pledge to rollover for 2024. All recurring plans for 2023 will be disabled as of December 31. 

If you need assistance or clarification of any step of this process, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with Diana Post.

Thank you for your support of the ministry of Saint Asaph’s Church.