St. Asaph’s Gallery

Carolyn Harper

I Remember You: Portraits of Hope

Hand Embroidered Batik September 16 to October 9, 2022

Opening Reception:

Date: Friday, September 16, 2022 Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Carolyn Harper, a member of St. Asaph’s, was educated at Kenyon College and the University of Pennsylvania. Carolyn is an educator and artist who has taught art at all levels and who exhibits nationally, while also partnering with various non-profit organizations to create exhibitions that are specific to their community.

Carolyn’s work has a strong social justice component to it, as she creates images of people or groups who have been marginalized, discriminated against, or abused. The works provide faces to those who are faceless, nameless and powerless, and bear witness to those who are suffering. through images that call attention to those forgotten by society. Carolyn writes:

My experience in working with portraiture and the homeless is that the portraits serve to empower those people depicted. They are able to see themselves through the portraits as not just homeless, or jobless, but as singular individuals with an important story and history. Portraiture is an extremely powerful tool of self- discovery. There is something reached, something confronting, something born or remembered when an individual and an artist can coalesce into an honest creative space and energy.