May 22, 2018


Make your contribution to the mission of the Church of Saint Asaph here. The Church of Saint Asaph is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 23-1352386. All contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your contribution.

Sowing Seeds — A Campaign for Our Future is only one week from our June 24 target date for final intake of pledges.  Every pledge to the Campaign is important because it is the breadth of participation in our Campaign that truly sends a message about our collective confidence in the future of St. Asaph’s.  And since we are closing in on our goal of $475,000, (with a current median pledge of $1,500 over 3 years), your pledge could well be the pledge that puts us over the top.  Accordingly, we encourage each of you to consider pledging at whatever amount is appropriate for you and your circumstances.

The funds that we raise through this Campaign will be used for some necessary capital improvement projects, to restore the choir room downstairs, and to finish other rooms in the basement that we will use for Sunday School or for rental income. We will also hire a Christian Formation director and replenish our invested funds so that we have interest income to help balance our operating budget and a reserve for inevitable property emergencies. You can find more details about our plans in the flyer on the piano in the Parish Hall. 

We need your gift.  Please pick up a pledge form, also available on the piano, and give thoughtful consideration to our community and your ability to help plant some seeds that will enable our church to continue to thrive.  You can spread your gift over as many as three years. Once you have filled out the form, you can return it in the offering plate, place it in the Sowing Seeds mailbox in the hallway outside the Parish Hall, give it to one of the campaign co-chairs

(John Chou, Marlene Milner or Steve Chawaga), or mail it to the church office.  Alternatively, you can also just let one of the co-chairs know what you intend to pledge (if you don’t have access to the pledge form).  Everyone’s contribution is important, as we all have a stake in the future of St. Asaph’s.

Now you can make donations to St. Asaph’s online, just click the “Donate” tab in the upper corner on our website to see how easy it’s done. You even have the option of choosing a “one-time” payment or monthly, and if you’d like your donation to be towards St. Asaph’s general (annual) giving or pledge fund or towards the Sowing Seeds Campaign For Our Future.

The staff and the Vestry have created a list of urgent property needs that with timely care, will keep our church both strong and flexible for the future. There are many projects to take on. Leading among them are raising the sinking sanctuary floor in our worship space, meeting Township code by sealing the electrical conduit that leads into the parish hall, sealing the parish hall’s exterior masonry with pointing, putting a new porch roof on the rectory and doing much needed tree work. 

Through careful stewardship, the Vestry has greatly reduced our dependency on our invested funds. Yet the property needs of an older campus – a gas line leak, trees that threaten both people and property – call for spending beyond our budget. In 2016, the Strategic Thinking Committee made “Creating a Firm Foundation” one of its three strategic goals for the parish’s future.

Donate to the Sowing Seeds Campaign now!