February 18, 2016



Sunday, October 7th, we remember Saint Francis of Assisi. (Please forgive my typo noting October 1st, in last week’s announcement.)  The blessing will take place at the conclusion of the 10:00 am service. Some of you may have already brought a pet with you to the 10:00 am liturgy last Sunday but for those of you who did not, here is your opportunity. So please bring your pet or a picture of your pet, or something that reminds you of your pet to the 10:00 am service. We will at the time of blessing invite owners and their pets to come forward for a blessing.  As always, all our indeed welcome here!

Look at US
Charlotte Schatz, Colleen Gahrmann, Rosalind Bloom, and Sarah Bloom
Artists addressing issues of social justice.

Photography, sculpture, mixed media
September 14 through October 14, 2018


Sowing Seeds: Campaign for Our Future 

Sowing Seeds — A Campaign for Our Future still needs your pledge.  We have exceeded our initial fundraising goal but have not yet met our partic

ipation goal.  It is the breadth of participation in our campaign that will truly signal our collective confidence in the future of St. Asaph’s.  From this perspective, every contribution is critically important to us, no matter the amount.  Accordingly, we will continue to solicit pledges throughout the summer and ask any of you who have not yet pledged to consider doing so at whatever amount is appropriate for you and your circumstances.

The funds that we raise through this Campaign will be used for some necessary capital improvement projects, to restore the choir room downstairs, and to finish other rooms in the basement that we will use for Sunday School or for rental income. We will also hire a Christian Formation director and replenish our invested funds so that we have interest income to help balance our operating budget and a reserve for inevitable property emergencies.

Please pick up a Campaign flyer and a pledge form, available on the piano in the Parish Hall.  You can return your completed pledge form in the offering plate, place it in the Sowing Seeds mailbox in the hallway outside the Parish Hall or mail it to the church office.  Alternatively, you can also just let one of the co-chairs (John Chou, Marlene Milner or Steve Chawaga) know what you intend to pledge, keeping in mind that the pledge period is intended to run over three years.  In addition, you can make donations to St. Asaph’s online, just click the “Donate” tab in the upper corner on our website: www.saintasaphs.org.  You will have the option to direct your donation towards St. Asaph’s general (annual) giving or pledge fund or towards the Sowing Seeds Campaign For Our Future.  Make sure to choose the Sowing Seeds option if you intend to donate to the Campaign.

For any contributions to the Campaign, please remember to make out your checks to St. Asaph’s Church Campaign and identify “Sowing Seeds” in the memo section of your check.

Now you can make donations to St. Asaph’s online, just click the “Donate” tab in the upper corner on our website: www.saintasaphs.org to see how easy it’s done. You even have the option of choosing a “one-time” payment or monthly, and if you’d like your donation to be towards St. Asaph’s general or pledge fund or towards the Sowing Seeds Campaign For Our Future.

Dining In! 

“Dining In!” Is a community builder and fundraiser where for a small per person charge you can go to have a meal at someone’s home and meet others from the church or the area. The host offers their home and prepares a meal. At the end of the evening, many folk have connected, shared stories and gotten to know one another. There will be a series of 12 offerings this academic year consisting of – Small Plate meals ($20), Bistro Pub meals ($35) and Restaurant Meals ($50). See Zabeth, Mary or Virginia for more information. There are also sign up sheets posted. We seek hosts as well as diners! Bon appetit. Zabetht@gmail.com

 Altar Bread Guild

Would you like to take a turn providing the bread for the Eucharist? We have several recipes to share, or you may use your own. Please avoid delicious additions (e.g. olives!). Contact Mary Allen 215-473-0665 to join the rotation.

Volunteers – Hospitality Needs You! 

There is a new sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board. Please pick a Sunday as volunteers are needed to help with hospitality. You can choose either the 8 am or 10 am coffee hour slot on Sundays. Also, two people can sign up for the same Sunday if you’d like to provide snacks or beverages, this way its easier for both volunteers. Let’s all pitch in a Sunday!

Altar Flowers

The Flower Guild ministry here at St. Asaph’s, would be happy
to do your Sunday arrangement. The cost for a single arrangement is $40 payable to the Church of St. Asaph, in which you can send to the church office in advance or drop off. If you have any special flower requests, please feel free
to let us know.


St. Asaph Mugs

St. Asaph’s 125th Anniversary Mugs are still available for your examination at the Team Ministries Table for $10 each. Please ask someone on the committee or contact the church office if you are interested in purchasing one.