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We are an inclusive and progressive community that moves to an ancient rhythm with a modern beat.
Worship, fellowship, prayer, ministry and service create a sacred rhythm always made new, leading us into God’s future. Whether you are a seeker, churchgoer, or just someone trying to figure out who this Jesus is, you are in good company. Stay with us as long as God calls you to be here. We believe that God’s desire for each of us is spiritual health and wholeness, wherever you find it. We do not presume that we are the end of your journey, just a part of it.
Jesus invited everyone to his table, so we invite everyone to God’s table too. Sunday worship includes Communion. We offer several opportunities for worship throughout the weeks and seasons of the year.

8am Worship
  St. Asaph Sanctuary photo Our recently-reconfigured sanctuary space

Lenten Study Series - Repairing the Breach
The recent economic crisis devastated many lives and revealed unsustainable patterns of consumption and self-interest. Repairing the Breach offers prayerful self-reflection on our economic life with daily meditations and videos, written and produced by the Theology Committee of The Episcopal Church's House of Bishops. This Lenten calendar can help us recover and renew our economic imagination and celebrate specific practices where the Spirit of God is moving in local congregations and communities to bring new life.

Section one consists of a foundational theological essay on "The Economic Crisis and God's Economy," an analysis of some of the sources, causes, and consequences of our current economic situation. Section two is an interactive, online, daily Lenten calendar highlighting the following themes in practical and theological perspective:

Ash Wednesday to Lent 1 - Abundance and Challenge
Lent 1 - Income Inequality and the Common Good
Lent 2 - Consumerism and Consumption
Lent 3 - Underemployment and a Living Wage
Lent 4 - Faithfulness in a Global Economy
Lent 5 - Environmental Degradation
Holy Week - Food and Shelter
Here's the link for more information: http://repairingthebreach.forwardmovement.org/
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