Sowing Seeds – A Campaign for St. Asaph’s Future

The Church of St. Asaph invites you, who form this Church, to participate in growing our future.

What does St Asaph’s property need?

The staff and the Vestry have created a list of urgent property needs that with timely care, will keep our church both strong and flexible for the future. There are many projects to take on. Leading among them are raising the sinking sanctuary floor in our worship space, meeting Township code by sealing the electrical conduit that leads into the parish hall, sealing the parish hall’s exterior masonry with pointing, putting a new porch roof on the rectory and doing much needed tree work.

Why do we need a campaign?

Through careful stewardship, the Vestry has greatly reduced our dependency on our invested funds. Yet the property needs of an older campus – a gas line leak, trees that threaten both people and property – call for spending beyond our budget. In 2016, the Strategic Thinking Committee made “Creating a Firm Foundation” one of its three strategic goals for the parish’s future.

I already pledge. Is this different?

Your stewardship pledge goes toward the annual operating costs of the church. That means salaries, administration, basic property needs. Your generosity each year supports these activities. This Sowing Seeds campaign will support the big property projects that can ensure an active future in this parish.

What is the timing for the campaign?

The kickoff for the campaign is on Friday, May 11. Stay tuned for details on this parish party. The Campaign Committee will be collecting pledges until June 24th, John the Baptist Day. Thank you for your past support. Join us in sowing the seeds for our future! For more than a century, the members of the Church of St. Asaph have committed themselves to maintaining and supporting this church. Our future is in the hands of our parishioners, where it has always been. Please commit to being part of our future. No gift is too large or too small.